Comments from previous Guests…

We had such a wonderful family vacation! The cooler weather was a much needed break from Texas. Being on the deck whether reading or just enjoying nature was such a treat.
Our son, Noah, loved the pond and fishing. He caught a few too! Thanks again for providing such a wonderful vacation spot! Can’t wait to come back!

– The Pelzel’s from Texas

We returned Sunday from a 3 night stay at this beautiful mountain retreat. Close enough to home but far enough away to enjoy peace and quiet. This cabin has been well-maintained by the owner and it appears that past guests have respected the property as well.
This cabin is cozy and has all of the amenities you would need in your own home. The kitchen cabinets are stocked with dishes, utensils, and cookware (even a dog dish!). There is a coffee maker, blender, toaster, and microwave.The bathroom has towels and some toiletries so if you forget anything they probably have it. There are extra blankets for chilly nights out on the deck and the bed was really comfy.
We made use of the hot tub each night and it was perfect for stargazing. The Adirondack chairs on the deck were great for sunbathing during the day. We had a fair amount of wildlife traffic on the deck..probably would have been more if not for the dogs.
Our dogs had a great time wandering around the property, chasing birds, and smaller critters like chipmunks and squirrels. It was a great check off the bucket list for our elderly dog, Mojo, as this was his final family vacation.
I would like to thank David for sharing his amazing cabin with us and our dogs. We cannot wait to visit again..hopefully in the winter!!

– Jenna Wasden and family / Aurora, Colorado

Thank You – for our outstanding week at your cabin! You certainly can be proud of your cabin, the cleanliness, the warmth, the scenery, and the effect a few days has on the occupants!   I am so glad you share the opportunity with others, to live for awhile in a different world than what they do everyday. We were blessed with some unbelievable weather, unseasonably warm and sunny everyday – but still got to have two or three evenings with a small fire in the woodstove. The last morning it was 33 degrees, but the real discomfort was having to leave, not the nippy air!   You have a beautiful cabin – it is a far cry from my first trips to Colorado in a Starcraft pop-up camper! I and Rhonda are looking for our retirement area in Colorado, and trying to get some feel for how far out from Denver we can go, and into what type of home. I certainly will have to give the Bailey/Evergreen area some thought now, and especially the cabin style home. The convenience is great, the isolation not too over-whelming for her, and I still have my mountain way of life.   And our kids/grandkids loved it that last night – and talked of renting it for weekends to get away from Denver – so maybe we have turned some referral business your way – hope they do take advantage of it – they need to get away every so often and it is perfect for them!   Well I will think of the ‘cabin’ often over the next months – and hope you get great satisfaction from knowing that your mountain home has blessed one more family!

– Rob, Rhonda, and Widget / Alisa, Doug, Landen, and Brecken Denver, Colorado

The cabin is awesome! Simple, rustic and perfect for a quiet getaway. With four teenagers, aged 13-19, we don’t get much down time. Colorado is beautiful and we hope to have a place of our own here some day. I loved watching the squirrels. I only saw the chipmunk once and not much else other than lots of birds. There’s a baby squirrel that we named Chatter as he likes to make quite a fuss over just about anything. I love the deep, mellow tones of the chimes. They sang me to sleep many times. We were here for about 3 days all together and it is hard to leave. Thank you so much for sharing your sanctuary with others.

– Karl and Kat, Albuquerque, NM

Thank you so much! The photos online do no justice to the actual cabin. It has surpassed all of our expectations. Both of our time/labor intensive jobs make it sometimes hard to sit back and enjoy life. This gem in the Rockies was exactly what we needed. Thank you once again for sharing your private sanctuary with us. We hope to have one of our own and show others to relax and enjoy life.

– Leonard Dominguez, Florencia Palomo, Ashley, Chico, and Aldo Denver, Colorado

We had a great time here! It’s such a beautiful cabin and in a great landscape. The views were much appreciated. This was a great place for the two of us on our honeymoon. We didn’t see too many animals: a chipmunk, squrrel, blue jay, and a random dog–probably the neighbors. We enjoyed the hot tub every night; it was a great way to relax after driving, hiking and sightseeing. Thank you for sharing your cabin with us. It was wonderful to be surrounded by God’s creation.

– The Lavery’s

Thank you so much for the most relaxing weekend in recent memory. We very much look forward to visiting again.

– Chalyne and Curtis, Oklahoma City

What a wonderful time we have had here!! Thank you so much for sharing your cabin with us. It was perfect! We saw black-tailed deer just up the road. The ground squirrel & jays visited us. They liked Cheerios! We saw lots of changing Aspens, which is what we came to see. The weather was great, too! Thanks again!!

– Sherri & Scott (also Munchkin & Toto) , Lawrence, Kansas

You were right!! I love it here!! The cabin was perfect and just what I was looking for. Thank you so much for having my get-away place available! I’ll be back!!

– Kim Bentley

I wasn’t expecting it to be snowing the first two days I was here, but I can’t think of a better place to be snowed in! Once the weather cleared up, saw lots of wildlife: a few deer, a coyote (or wolf) in the pasture across the road, a small fox on the porch, lots of birds, and a friendly chipmunk who visited many times every day–he sure love those peanuts! Looking forward to visiting again!

– Alan Pannel

Our third visit to the cabin was great as usual. We have stayed 5 nights this time and hate to leave. The animals have put on a show for us on the porch each evening. They come up for the peanuts and bread we put out for the birds during the day. Best time is about 10:30 PM. There was a sweet red fox one night, racoons two nights. Great place! We love Colorado. Our 20th time in Colorado since 1978!

– The Kittrell’s, Kansas

First visit to the cabin. Just perfect. The view is awesome. We were visited by squirrels, chipmunks, magpies, nuthatches, chickadees, stellar jays and hummingbirds! Our Lhasa Apso, Stells, gives “2 paws up” for her rating. I have to admit this is the first time I haven’t gone the motel/hotel route, so I was skeptical. I was pleasantly surprised. It’s perfect and best wishes!

– Deb, Bill and Stella

Had a great time. Cabin is like a home away from home. Thanks for sharing.

– Dave

What a great place! We had a great time here. The views are wonderful. We really enjoyed our hike along the Meridian Trail. Unlike the otheres before us, we didn’t see much wildlife. Peaceful, wonderful weekend. I don’t want to go back to the heat and humidity of D.C. I hope to come again soon.

– Jayne Anne (Gaithersburg, MD) Laura Bennison (Denver, CO)

What a blessing to have the opportunity to relax and enjoy God’s beauty. Gazing out the window at the beauty surrounding us was definitely a highlight. We felt removed from the crazy and busy world and just enjoyed time as husband and wife as we celebrated our 18th anniversary. We’ve had fun sending pictures and video footage to our 6 kids in Hawaii. Thanks for sharing your peace with us. Aloha

– Mike and Malia

It’s been 6 years since my last visit and how quickly the memories return as I drive down the windy road to the cabin! The wildlife didn’t disappoint as momma raccoon and here 4 babies visited each night. Outside of the bizarre hailstorm on day one, the weather was perfect. Relaxing here is a blessing!! Sitting on the deck reading/writing is pure peace. Thank you so much! I love the subtle changes and hot tub addition also. Surprises anong the trails of hiking made my trip! Be back soon! Simple solitude is so worth the 10 hour drive.

– Monica

Thank you for a wonderful visit. Your cabin was just perfect. We had a nice shower each evening–just enough to wet the porch and bring the pine scent out. I’m going to stay longer on the next visit. A perfect place to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city. Thanks again!

– Rick Denver, CO

Had a great time! Wish I could stay longer! Will be back again.

– The Allreds

I’m so glad I found this place online. Much better than staying at a B&B or motel. The view is incredible! It was so peaceful and homey. I wish that we had been able to spend more time just relaxing here, but we had many wedding activities to attend. I think we missed all the wildlife because of that. Our 2 and a half year old made herself comfortable immediately here and would say “We’re home” when we walked in the door. Thank you for sharing this great cabin!

– Tanya, Vayes, Noel Los Angeles, CA

Only 45 minutes out of Denver had the 6 of us (2 dogs/4 humans) had a wonderful visit. The cabin between rustic and a 5 star hotel, was a wonderful escape from the heat and hectic pace of the city. It was a wonderful getaway. The dogs especially loved the windows, looking at every bird, squirrel and moving life that they would not normally see at home. Thank you for such a hospitable retreat.

– The Carstens and The Waylands

Two and a half hours to get here. Love the wall of windows and view from the deck. Our visitors were a squirrel, blue jay, and two magpies. The shell peanuts were a great treat. We were three generations here–granddaughter especially enjoyed the hot tub. Our border collie liked watching the squirrel and birds. You have a wonderful retreat. Thanks for sharing!

– Nancy, Taylor, Lee and Sasha (dog)

Bright sunny days and crisp cool nights — quite a nice contrast from Texas. The Cabin was great! We’ll definietely come back sometime.

– David Gurnan & David Moldenhauer, Dallas, Texas

We had a great time here. It’s a beautiful place.

– Trent & Nicolle Eilert, Wichita, Kansas

We had a great time at the cabin, just the spot for visiting with our friends from Colorado.

– Pam and Alan Burnett

Thanks for accommodating our last minute plans. The cabin is everything we’ve dreamed of. We’ve visited a few cabins since we moved to Colorado in 1999 but they all fell short in some way. Leave it to Texans to do it right!

– Cash, Becky, & Birdy, Marvin & Lucy (our puppies!!)

David, first thanx again for your patience & flexibility with our changing plans – The two weeks @ the cabin were super; Mtn.storms, fresh trout, visiting our friends in Colo. – everything we planned & expected. The cabin was great & the area has everything we needed – We’ll do it again, hopefully.

– Clarice & Bob Bailey

WYSIWYG should be changed toYGMMTYS-“You Get Much More Than You See”. I loved the online pictures, but they didn’t show the games, cards, and puzzle to entertain, the l7 kinds of mustard, 8 salad dressings – (there were more of each but I threw out a couple of things whose dates were expired), the many kinds of popcorn; I could go on and on. I’ve never seen such a well stocked place. We replaced everything used & added a bit more. The cool weather was a welcome relief from Houston’s heat & humidity. Temperatures ranged from 78 degrees down to 40 degrees – that’s heaven in July. Our day trips fishing & sightseeing were great, but watching the sun change the mountains, seeing deer graze in the yard, and getting royally fussed at by the squirrel were my favorite experiences. This has been truly a get-away vacation. Thanks to David & Joe for supplying this cabin and to Darrel for answering all questions.

– Martha Smith, Houston, Texas

This is a great place to think about the real & eternal, better than church; the fishing is good too. Thunder in the mountains”it’s a beautiful noise”. Righted the Texas flag the calamity in Austin is quelled. I never touched the ax except to put a new handle on.

– Arthur

10 days is not enough !!! I was greeted by a beautiful gray fox on my first morning & things only got better from there! Walked the road and gathered real estate listings of the various mountain homes for sale. I’m on the 3 year plan at most and hope to be WYSIWYG’s neighbor. Made great friends in Bailey – See them again in Winter !! Be back in Feb. (Smiley Face) & picture drawn of Flowers.

– M. Greer, Des Moines, Iowa

An outstanding location to “Re Charge” the battlefields. Loved just sitting on the deck…Just sitting on the deck. I was raised in Colorado and return whenever I can. Often wonder why I ever left. The mountins have been and always will be Special Place. We look forward to our return ….

– The Rayfords, Doug, Christy & Adam, Savanah, Georgia

What a wonderful place! Thanks for sharing your piece of delightful Colorado. Even is it rained every day for the entire first week. The chipmonk took over the bird feeder, so other than the hummingbird we didn’t have a lot of visitors. The chipmonk seemed to have a preference for the sunflower seeds and dumped out most everything else, so don’t be surprised at the appearance of some strange wild flowers next year. We note that the properly displayed Texas flag is White on Top, but didn’t change it in case you are making a political statement. On that note, today (26 June) the Supreme Court started dragging Texas, kicking and screaming, down the path of tolerance. There is hope yet for Texas. Your kitchen/pantry system is Great! We have been to a few places over the years and yours is by for the best stocked. There is the sad tale of one place that didn’t even have salt.(We discovered that alas, too late). Anyhow with much gratitude, we have contributed some yeast, bread flour,brown sugar, and oatmeal.

– David & Carolyn, Houston, Texas

What You See Is What You Get – The beautiful, green world of Colorado! The cabin itself was heaven on earth and it’s heartbreaking to leave! Quality time spent with our family was the best!

– Barbara (Spenak) Thibeaut

The cabin was cozy, the weather was wonderful, and Colorado is beautiful. We had a wonderful time. Iamvery hesitant about going back to “real life”. The highlight of our trip was going white water rafting at the Clear Creek Rafting Company (303-567-1000). I wish I could raft for a living. Thank you so much for sharing your cabin with us!

– Adam & Almudena Snider & Mr. McGee

Thanks for letting us stay at your cabin! We loved the vista from the frontroom and enjoyed experiencing the rapid changes in weather…sun-rain-sun-snow–rain-snow. We took a few day trips including a drive up Guanella Pass. It was incredible seeing so many ecosystems as you ascend the pass-lnothing at all like Missouri. We awoke to a winter wonderland today and saw more snow this A.M.than we saw all winter long at home. Our dog Dakota,bred for cooler temperatures, loved it, too.

– Marla & Erik, Kansas City, MO

Thank you for a great time! I wanted to show my kids snow and I sure did. Worst storm since 1913 they say. The cabin was great although I finally dug my car out of the 50 – 60 inches of snow, I am sad to leave. My kids had a wonderful time and my family thanks you. We will send pictures- ( my three year old could stand on the snow on the deck and touch the roof!)

– Dallas, Texas : Brad, Alisia, Ryan 9, Nicholas 6, & Rachel 3.

Thank you for a wonderful,relaxing stay! It was a great experience for 3 best friends who are all working mothers and wives! I will definetely be bringing my husband and 2 boys (10 & 8) back here. All 3 of us ladies are going to try to convince our husbands that we all need to invest in a guest cabin in Conifer! LOVED IT! It was just the rejuvenation period we needed!

– Kristen Loesch, Bev England, Mary & “Baby” Jensen, Centennial, CO


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