What to take with you to WYSIWYG Cabin…

There is a QUEEN size bed in the master bedroom and a FULL size bed in the second bedroom. There is also a TWIN sleeper sofa in the living room. Towels, washcloths, bed linens, including pillow cases, quilts and blankets are provided for each bed.

The kitchen is FULLY furnished with a large refrigerator with freezer, a stove/oven and dishwasher. All the pots and pans, silverware, crock pot, etc. all you need to cook is provided. There is a microwave, toaster, and blender as well.

There are staple goods such as, salt & pepper, mayonnaise, ketchup, mustard, steak sauce, etc. in the fridge, unless the previous guests used it and didn’t replace it. All you need to bring is the food you wish to cook. You can buy groceries at the Safeway or King Soopers in Conifer as well as Dollar General when you turn off 285 and head to the cabin.

There is a 26″ HDTV/DVD with DirecTV Satelite and over 100 TV stations and 30 CD Music stations + XM Radio, a Bluetooth speaker, squirrel food, and bird feeder. Anything you take out of it’s place, please put back when you leave.

There is a PHONE at the cabin. We’ll give you that number after you’ve made reservations so your friends and family can contact you during your stay. The phone also has an answering machine.

High-speed Wireless INTERNET is also available for free. We’ll provide that information to you once you’ve paid for your stay in full.

There is a HOT TUB on the deck. Please do not wear bathing suits because of the soap residue which is bad for the filters. There is plenty of forest for you to have plenty of privacy. Kids under 13 should be monitored closely in the hot tub. Please encourage them to urinate before entering the hot tub. Thanks for helping us keep it clean and enjoyable!

We are a pet friendly cabin. Our golden retriever loves it up there! Just please keep them off the furniture and beds… and pick up after they do their business around the cabin!

Great HIKING near the cabin… checkout Tanglewood Trail and Meridian Trail via Google before you head up. Deer Creek Trail runs alongside Tanglewood Trail for about a mile… both trails are easy and really worth the effort!

A community pond offers FISHING for you and the kiddos… it’s a catch and release, with option of keeping 2 trout if they are 12″ or longer… there are 4 fishing permits on the wall in the cabin that must be worn on your clothing.

There is a great WOOD BURNING STOVE which helps provides great heat for the cabin. You will need to take a bundle of firewood with you, say a bundle for every two days you are staying. There are also electric wall floor heaters in each room for additional heating if needed.

We have our own WELL and septic systems. Drink the water from the faucet, it’s cold and fresh. If you purchase disposable items or dish washer soaps, etc. you must make sure the labels say they are “septic system safe”. This will keep things working properly.

IF you are a smoker, please smoke OUTSIDE and be careful to put out your cigarettes completely.

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